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When the body works out of sync, it needs something to restore that balance. That’s where biofield therapies come into play. The emotional, mental, and physical features of the human body are intertwined. They are the ones that represent our matrix of the biofield. Biofield therapy is here to facilitate and improve that connection by establishing better coherence.

Healing treatments can be used as an efficient tool in a person’s treatment plan, particularly if they’ve been dealing with pain, or unstable mental, emotional, and physical patterns.

Treatments for Animals

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Do you need to reconnect with your heart and realign with yourself?

AR Collaboratives is certified, licensed, and insured to serve the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What is Biofield Therapy?

Biofield Therapy

Biofield Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that works to support and restore our energetic biofield. The practises used to do this include; Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch and others.

The healing you receive in a treatment is through the use of hands to direct energy – which is otherwise free floating – to a specific area. I use an attuned energy and intuition, to decipher and deliver the energies in line with your optimum health. Aligning the energies.

How can Biofield Therapy help me?

Helps Clear Energy Blockages

Do you feel connected to yourself and to your environment? Are you seeking external forms of energy to keep you moving – coffee, energy drinks?

We are like a computer, to a degree. Our brain and our heart operate as major energy/processing centres. They take information from our environment (router), through our senses and deliver them to our brain, where it is processed and integrated. And, just as a computer needs upgrades and power to operate and function to its fullest potential, your brain and heart do as well.

Biofield Therapy allows you to strengthen the connection, both to yourself and your environment. It enables you to get back on-line, naturally.

Q & A’s
About Biofield Therapy

Where does this energy come from?
Life force energy is all around us, it is the aliveness you find in someone. It is known as Chi in China, Ki (of Reiki) in Japan and Prana in India. This energy is the energy which brings life to our being, allowing us to connect with our Soul.

This energy moves through us freely. If this energy encounters a block ie; an injury, then energy alignment helps to remove the block by supporting and expediting the healing process and restoring the flow.

The same may be said for an emotional block. If we either do not understand something emotionally or avoid tending to an emotional challenge, blocks form in the emotional body. This, over time, may manifest into the physical, like aches in the joints.

What can be treated?
  • Physical: pain, stiffness, fatigue, tension, injury, illness
  • Emotional: balance, availability, intelligence, expression
  • Mental: anxiety, concentration, focus, stress, perspective
  • Spiritual: connection, integration, flow, service/application

(This practise is based from a neutral perspective and is acceptant of all Faiths. It is based in unconditional regard.)

How is a treatment given?
You and therefore your needs, are unique. You and I work together, to discover and create the best approach for you, based on those needs.

Often, our visits will be in the comfort of your home. The application of the treatment is much like a massage, with the key difference being in the application of the hands. It is a laying of the hands in specific areas where energy is then concentrated.

The use of sound is also part of a session, helping to better support and enhance the alignment process.

What does a treatment session feel like?
While bearing in mind that your experience is unique, some speak of tingling sensations, waves of warmth, waves of emotion, deep states of relaxation and at times, gentle pulsations in the extremities.
Are there any side effects?
Because energy treatments are using the natural elements from within (the body) and from without (the body), there are no side effects. Simply the natural laws of balance at hand.

Rates and Modes of Services

House Calls

Instead of moving mountains, I travel them. I mobilize the healing practice from Squamish to Pemberton/Mt. Currie.    *This service is under revision and not offered at this time*

Sliding Scale

A sliding scale is a rate for services that oscillates in order to allow minimal barriers that challenge you in attaining the support you need.

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