Collaborative Coaching with Youth and Adults

Coaching for Adults

Personalized one to one coaching support. Exploring and collaborating a game plan for the life that offers understanding, motivation and purpose. Lending way to a life of thriving, in something new.

Coaching for Children & Youth

 I served as a  Youth Advocate for approx. 12yrs and developed unique abilities and comfort in guiding youth aged 13 – 19y/o, for a sense of self that they feel clear, confident and above all, stoked for, both in an educational and personal capacities.


Walk and Talk

Away from walls and screens, we step into the space that offers an opportunity for our natural recharge. This is the place of inspiration, guidance, clarity, ideas and re-connection, to a place our heart plays.

My Approach

In my approach, I work with attuned senses, registering on both the direct and indirect levels. I approach you with unconditional regard, due care and curiosity. I shall remain respectful and honest as we journey towards unlocking your full potential and wellbeing.
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel like it’s time to make a change in your life, but can’t seem to find a way?

AR Collaboratives is licensed and insured to serve the Sea to Sky Corridor.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is you and I, aligning on a mutual purpose – to tap into your untapped potential. We work with a vision and produce an outcome; a shift in perspective, a state of being, a life lived with renewed meaning and reflecting your personal views and values.

With a synthesis of experience, education, commitment and trust, our gains are all towards aligning you with your purpose and creating a life of thriving in what matters most, to you.


First and foremost, our sessions are based on the vital tenet of confidentiality. From this pillar, we create a sacred space of trust, empathy, compassion, understanding and non-judgement.


Our current lifestyles can leave little room for exploring who we really are. Where do we have the opportunity, time and support to find out; what motivates us, how do we give back, what does it mean to ‘thrive’?

This is what collaborating creates. It is a treasure hunt for the parts of ourselves and our lives that are important. When we can understand what we value and what we are motivated by, it allows our decisions to come from a place of confidence and integrity. Life begins to change in remarkable ways when we know what we desire and how to go about it. It is where the magic happens.


Some of the elements of life that our sessions can navigate:

  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Effective Communication Skills 
  • Personal Growth/Development
  • Effective stress management
  • Accountability
  • Healthy Boundaries 
  • Resilience 
  • Focus/Mindful attention
  • Interpersonal skills  


Your perspective is unique and particular only to you. The life you have led up until this point has been filled with events and understandings that have shaped the outlook you have in this current moment. My role and efforts are to offer another perspective to your matters at hand, as a means of generating questions and understandings that guide towards an outcome in line with who you are and what you value. We form an alliance and collaborate the ways which seek out your path in this life.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

You have a vision, but no clear plan
Sometimes a vision can overwhelm us. How does something so big, fit into a first step? This is what we work on – taking your vision and putting it into a manageable size, so it’s easier to see to where to put your foot.
Anxiety and stress are recurring themes
Anxiety and stress reduce your point of view – from one of a mountaintop position, where you can see your many opportunities, to one where you may feel trapped at the base, having you feel overcome by the mountain. And this, adds more stress and more anxiety. Spinning the cycle even more.

You and I, together, work towards becoming aware of and breaking this cycle, bringing you back up, to the summit, restoring your POV that sees more of life. Because when you can see more, you begin to live more. More in possibility, rather than loops of ‘what if’s’, can’t’s, shouldn’t’s, and impossibles.

The passion you once had for life is faded or gone
A spark grows into a flame.

The more you learn about yourself, how to link it all up and put it back out into the world, the more the fire of confidence grows. Burning away the old ideas and forging ahead towards more undiscovered fuel. The blaze erupts into an inferno, showing you who you truly are and what you can ignite into. A fire and a passion that one dares not extinguish.

You are dealing with loss and don't know how to proceed
Loss isn’t limited to the physical passing of someone. It may also be a role of employment, an idea of who we thought we were, a relationship, or a place we called home.

Loss is the sudden or foreseeable vacancy of an essence, a way of being, a way of living. And it hits us all differently. You, therefore, are the one to lead, being supported along the way, to what best suits your needs towards your healing.

Self-limiting beliefs hold you back
There is a holding pattern that exists around self-limiting beliefs;

Assumption > Perspective > Action > Evidence

For example, you may assume that you are not capable enough or even worthy enough. Talking yourself out of, or subconsciously setting yourself up to fail, limits you from seeing, hearing, feeling, experiencing what you are truly capable of. Turning this into a cycle.

You and I work to identify, break and change this pattern. To one of seeing truth instead of assumptions. Breaking you free of what once, held you back.

How It Works

Schedule A Free Consultation

A consultation serves as an opportunity for us to become acquainted. We learn what has brought you this far and what may be done moving forward. Either together or supported in another trajectory.

Collaborating on a Path

Partnering with you, walking and living your unique path. It’s designed and reflected to suit you and your needs and is geared to you finding more of your personal power. Power, that moves you along your path and that is ready for you to tap into. Power, that is designed to be shared and grows when it is.

Reach Your Goals

Life is meant to be enjoyed! When we understand, commit and play strategically for this, the evidence is experienced in your scoring personal goals and celebrating them. Coaching you on the play and how to stay, in the game, until you reach that goal- that is the magic of collaborating.

Rates and Modes of Services

Virtual & House Calls

Instead of moving mountains, I travel them. I mobilize the coaching practice from Squamish to Pemberton/Mt. Currie. 

Payment Plans

A no fee payment plan for services to allow minimal barriers is available for application.

Still have questions?